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New media environment in 2014

new-mediaApart from the shortwave and medium wave broadcasts the popularity of FM radio has increased dramatically over the years. South Africa has 14 public broadcast stations, 22 commercial stations and more than 120 community stations.





Christo and Luise van Eeden join TWR-SA

new-teamMissionary couple Christo and Luïse van Eeden recently joined the TWR-SA team.







editorialFrom a humble beginning with a small army surplus transmitter in Tangier, Morocco, 60 years ago, God has built a worldwide TWR network that covers the entire globe with the Good News of Jesus Christ. In the five years I have been with the ministry, I have stood in amazement as He has provided the people and resources to almost double the global coverage of TWR.





TWR Swaziland

TWR-swazilandTWR Swaziland began broadcasting on 1 November 1974. This facility comprises three 100,000 watt shortwave transmitters and one 50,000 watt AM transmitter. From the modest beginnings in Swaziland, TWR-Africa has grown into a broadcasting network airing programmes in over 65 languages and dialects to more than 40 countries in sub-Saharan Africa. Every day people’s lives are impacted by God’s eternal Word.





TWR Bonaire

TWR-BonaireTWR Bonaire began broadcasting Biblical truth from the Caribbean island Bonaire in 1964. Over the years, TWR has employed several different means of bringing the Gospel to people throughout Latin America. By utilising shortwave radio, AM radio, FM radio, and various forms of local outreach, TWR has been a part of touching millions of lives.





An atheist's journey of faith

An-athiestsSoon after Giridhar Chintalapudi entered Kurnool Medical College in India, Giri, as he was called, embarked on an unexpected intellectual and spiritual journey to understand the ultimate meaning of life. His roommate, a believer, debated with Giri, challenged him to read the Bible and got him to listen to Christian radio programmes, among them Thru the Bible and Back to the Bible on TWR India.





Listener Responses

The Praying Listener

We had heard about him from his pastor, and his mother had requested that if Pastor James was ever in the central province of Kenya, he could visit them, as her son was a regular listener.


Completely Changed

A young man in Ethiopia recently sent us a letter testifying that God’s love can reach beyond both physical and spiritual bars.


Lost and Found

Xolani lives close to our offices in KwaZulu-Natal. The natural surroundings with its beautiful lush valleys and hills supposedly promise a life of peace and tranquility.


A mother writes in response to Isolomndeni

Every day when I was participating at the training discussion groups, I was able to exchange lots of information with my colleagues and this helped me to see things differently.


Video Feature

Dedication of KZN Offices

Walter Burtsche telling the story of COM


Ernest Mcambi telling the story from TWR's beginning in 1984


Vusi and Busi Radebe sharing recent development


Eberhard Haberkorn telling about their move to KZN


Danie Du Preez summarizing the dedication




Phambili (Moving Forward)

This series of programmes address the needs of leaders within the communities of KwaZulu-Natal and equipp them to address the urgent and relevant issues from a Biblical perspective.

Topics like HIV/Aids and other health challenges, marriage, the devastating effects on family life, communication, sound doctrine, etc. are addressed.

Isolomndeni (Eye of the Family)

This is a series of programmes specifically focused on the family. As so many marriages and families are under heavy pressure, these programmes equip fathers, mothers and children to cope with everyday life within the family unit. TWR partners with Family Impact and together conduct seminars for families.

Ethembeni (Hope)

This programme series reaches out to needy women in KwaZulu-Natal through the production of programmes looking at the specific needs of women. These programmes address issue like health, abuse, empowerment, entrepreneurship, motherhood, communication, raising of children, prayer, etc.

German Programmes

TWR-SA reaches out to many German communities in Southern Africa through a daily devotional programme called Morgenmelodie and a weekend programme called ERF Magazin in partnership with ERF-Germany.

New opportunities also emerged in Namibia in partnership with Namibia Broadcasting Corporation and other community radio stations.